Friday, 31 July 2015

Mosaic Art Competition

Yep, Its Competition Time!

Here at LATICRETE we love to see your artistic side, so we are holding a Mosaic Art Photo Competition, which will see the 10 best artworks* win an amazing prize to celebrate your efforts!

The winners will receive the following:
- 1x SPECTRALOCK Mini Unit Liquid
- 1x SPECTRALOCK Powder 

How to Enter:
1. Follow us on Instagram @laticreteaustralia and Facebook
2. SHARE a photo of your recent mosaic piece on Instagram.
3. TAG your photo with @laticreteaustralia, and remember to mention what LATICRETE products you used.

*Your piece MUST be created/installed with LATICRETE products to be eligible.

Submit your photos by 4pm on October 31st 2015 and the winners will be notified on November 13th 2015. 

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Gorgeous Flooring at LATICRETE

Impressive New Floor!

One of the LATICRETE Training Facilities in the USA has a beautiful new floor thanks to our SPARTACOTE® Concrete Coating Systems.

LATICRETE work closely with facility managers and architects to specify highly durable and sustainable coating solutions for a range of applications, offering expert consultation from design through completion. Several years of close coordination between formulators and field applicators has brought about some of the most dynamic concrete floor coatings available today. These efforts continue today and ensure that every product installed has been proven time and time again in real-life applications.

For more info on SPARTACOTE and the full range of Concrete Coating Systems available click here.

Contact us to discuss your next flooring project, arrange a demo, a trade event or FREE samples by calling 1800 331 012 or email us here.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Another Sneak Peek!

Want Another Sneak Peek! 

We have some more sneaky pics of the exciting new LATICRETE product being released in the near future! 
Looks like it is leaving a great impression in the field trials...I wonder what this new product could be??

Got a project in mind? Contact us to discuss, organise a demo, trade event or FREE samples by calling 1800 331 012 or click here.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

LATICRETE Architectural Specialists

Kathleen Jenkinson spotted on the job site with Concord Industrials Coatings

LATICRETE Corporate Specifications Program

LATICRETE QLD Architectural Specialist, Kathleen Jenkinson, paid a visit to Tony Maher and the team at Concord Industrial Coatings to discuss L&M Construction Chemicals and architectural specifications.
Our Architectural Specialists and Technical Support Teams are available to provide system design assistance, specifications and details. On-site pre-installation consultation and training. We prepare customised architectural specifications for specific projects and specific tiles. 

The LATICRETE Architectural Guidebook also includes an industry reference section that allows users to reference appropriate codes, national and international standards for virtually all tile and stone applications.
Contact your LATICRETE Architectural Specialists or Technical Support Teams on 1800 331 012. Or email us here to discuss your next project, customised specifications or to arrange a meeting. 

Monday, 27 July 2015

Educational Demo at Amber Southern Highlands

Wednesday 12th August, 2015

LATICRETE will be at Amber Southern Highlands on Wednesday 12th of August for an Educational Demo and Brekky from 7am and we would love you to come join the fun! 

This event is a great opportunity to chat with your local Technical Sales Rep, Craig Hunter, about LATICRETE products that help you save time and money.

Knowledge Exchange Will Focus on:
STRATA_MAT™ - Next Generation Uncoupling Mat
MVIS™ - Masonry Veneer Installation System  
PERMACOLOR® Select - Industry's first dispersible dry pigment solution

Details of the Trade Event on Wednesday, 12th August 2015:
Where: Amber Southern Highlands
When: Wednesday, 12th August 2015, 7am
Address117 Old Hume Hwy, Braemar, NSW, 2575
Contact: Adam

*Want a rebate on your next LATICRETE purchase?! Chat with Craig for more details at the event.
*Conditions apply

Friday, 24 July 2015

LatiBabies on Trend

Lachlan Loves the Grout Colour Chart! 
Baby Amelia 

Linda from Amber Seaforth showed off her gorgeous new Granddaughter, Amelia, looking stylish in her LATICRETE play suit and her Grandson, Lachlan, enjoying learning the range of LATICRETE grout colours.

"Here's a few photos of my Granddaughter Amelia in her Laticrete play suit! I had forgotten just how hard it is to take photos of kids!

Ps. Lachlan wouldn't put his tshirt on, so managed to get some photos of him playing with grout chart. Kids!" 

Thursday, 23 July 2015

LATICRETE Supports TAFE Facilities!

Getting Their Hands Dirty!

LATICRETE QLD Technical Sales Rep, Warren Miller,  provided in depth technical presentation at the TAFE Queensland SkillTech showcasing the new grout technology - PERMACOLOR Select®. The team had the opportunity to get their hands dirty with demos and training using the revolutionary grout. 

PERMACOLOR Select is an advanced high performance cement grout that offers the industry’s first dispersible dry pigment solution. PERMACOLOR Select is designed for virtually all types of residential and commercial installations and offers optimum performance on the most demanding exterior or interior applications. For more information click here.

At LATICRETE we offer training and classes that discuss commercial, residential, industrial tile and stone installation practices and industry standards. Our experienced faculty utilises both classroom instruction and hands-on product demonstrations.

Want to arrange a demo or seminar customised for you and your team?  Call us on 1800 331 012 or contact us here.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

We're Coming to Adelaide

Make More Money & Prevent Grout Problems! 

Design and industry professionals across Australia and around the world rely on LATICRETE proven performance, know how, technical support and experience for their tile and stone specification needs.

Have you ever wanted to chat with one of our Technical Sales Representatives face to face? Then this is your chance - one of our LATICRETE Technical Sales Reps will be in Adelaide from Wednesday 5th August - 7th of August 2015. 

This will be a great opportunity to have your queries regarding tile & stone installation systems answered, as well as gain valuable knowledge about LATICRETE products that are designed to increase productivity and profitability!

Interested in becoming a LATICRETE Stockist?

Chat with us about becoming a LATICRETE stockist, customised specifications, LATICRETE installation Systems and Warranties, by contacting us on 1800 331 012 to setup an appointment or email us here.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Bella Tiles Love Promos

All stocked up on the new display stand!

Displaying LATICRETE in Style

Bella Tiles at Ocean Grove show off their awesome new PERMACOLOR® Select Colour Kit Rack they got when taking up the great July Promo offer!  All they had to do was buy a selected range of LATICRETE products and now they have an awesome LATICRETE display rack for their shop floor. Looking good guys.

But that's not all that Bella Tiles got FREE!!

Check out the details for our July *Tile Shop Promo here.

What about a Tilers Promo?! Yip - we have you covered with our great *July Tiler Promo.

Contact us to discuss your next project, arrange a demo, a trade event or FREE samples by calling 1800 331 012 or email us here.

*Conditions apply.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Welcome Neil Warden

Neil Warden - LATICRETE National SPD Sales Manager

 LATICRETE Australia Continues to Grow

We are excited to announce the appointment of Neil Warden as the LATICRETE Australia National Specialty Products Division Sales Manager. Neil has been in sales, specification and business development roles for 19 years, predominantly in the flooring, coatings, architectural, and construction & building sectors. Neil brings global experience having worked in several overseas markets. 

“Neil Warden is a Fitter and Turner by trade, having completed his apprenticeship and studied mechanical Engineering after school. Neil has six years sales management experience with a further thirteen years in Business Development and Management roles with technical and specification sales to the construction, architectural and trade sectors, specialising in the flooring, coating and building sectors. This makes Neil a perfect fit for the LATICRETE team” according to Emma Tschannen.

As the National SPD Sales Manager, Neil will focus on developing sales strategies and formulating business plans, building and driving the Specialty Products Division forward in Australia DRYTEK®, L&M Construction Chemicals, Inc., SPARTACOTE®, SUPERCAP® and MVIS™.

Neil was born in Aberdeen Scotland. Neil and his wife Terri moved from St. Albans near London, England, United Kingdom in 1991 to Brisbane, Australia. They have 4 teenage children and 2 dogs. Hobbies include all sports, mainly English Premier League, traveling, reading and DIY projects in his spare time on their acreage in Karalee, Ipswich QLD.

We wish Neil every bit of happiness and welcome him to the LatiFamily.

Neil Warden can be contacted on:
Phone: 1800 331 012
Mobile: 0431 675 460

Friday, 17 July 2015

Fun and Games at AVJ Ceramics
Big Smiles All Round!

The team at AVJ Ceramics, Dandenong VIC, enjoyed their visit from Alex Kralefski, LATICRETE VIC Technical Sales Rep, who demonstrated some of the newest products from LATICRETE - PLASMA™ grout and PERMACOLOR® Select.
In the above photo, on the left side of the board is PLASMA in a translucent colour. PERMACOLOR Select has been used on the right side of the  demo board. The team loved the out come.
 "Loved the different effects a grout line could make to a tiling piece. Looks so different, yet the same tile was used".  
To arrange a demo or trade event for your team, FREE samples or to discuss your next project call 1800 331 012 or email us here.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Noosaville Pool Project

Globally Proven Pool Installation Systems

Jack Boyd Pools used LATICRETE pool installation systems to create this impressive pool located in Noosaville, Qld. Mitchell Haw, LATICRETE QLD Technical Sales Rep, was on the job site and captured some pics of the amazing work at hand!

The pool was tiled using Trend Mosaic tiles, 8x4 custom green blend, and a range of LATICRETE products:

3701 Fortified Mortar Bed - A polymer fortified blend of carefully selected polymers, Portland cement and graded aggregates that does not require the use of latex admix, you only need to add water.
HYDRO BAN® - A thin, load bearing waterproofing/crack isolation membrane that DOES NOT require the use of fabric in the field, coves or corners.
4237 Rapid Latex Additive (with 211 Crete Filler Powder) - A specially designed latex additive for use with 211 Crete Filler Powder to make high strength latex thin bed and medium bed adhesive up to 15 mm.
SPECTRALOCK® PRO Grout - Designed for use on ceramic tile, glass tile and stone applications, both residential and commercial. It can be used both interior and exterior on floors and walls. Ideal for re-grouting applications, SPECTRALOCK PRO Grout is perfect for swimming pools, fountains and other wet area applications.
LATASIL™ - A high performance, one component, neutral cure, 100% silicone sealant designed for ceramic tile & stone applications.

Got a pool project in mind? Check out the LATICRETE Pool, Spa and Fountain Tiling System Brochure.

For more information on LATICRETE products, to discuss your next project, for technical support or to arrange a demo, call 1800 331 012 or contact us here.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Knowledge Exchange at Bella Tiles

Thursday 23rd July, 2015

LATICRETE will be at Bella Tiles Ocean Grove on Thursday 23rd of July for a Trade Event and sausage sizzle from 4pm and we would love you to come join the fun! 

This event is a great opportunity to chat with your local Technical Sales Rep, Nick Collett, about LATICRETE products that help you save time and money.

Knowledge Exchange Will Focus on:
STRATA_MAT™ - Next Generation Uncoupling Mat
MVIS™ - Masonry Veneer Installation System  
HYDRO BAN® - Waterproofing/crack isolation membrane

Details of the Trade Event on Thursday, 23rd July 2015:
Where: Bella Tiles
When: 4pm - 6:30pm
Address4 Marine Parade, Ocean Grove VIC
Tel(03) 5255 2212

•Want a rebate on your next LATICRETE purchase?! Chat with Nick for more details at the event.

•Conditions apply

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Waterproofing Knowledge Exchange

Hands-on Waterproofing Course


 Reap the Rewards Through Training

LATICRETE VIC Technical Sales Rep, Alex Kralefski, sent us some pics from the latest waterproofing training course. Participants had the opportunity to learn more about the waterproofing system offered by LATICRETE and gain hands-on experience with LATICRETE products.

At  LATICRETE we offer training and classes that discuss commercial, residential, industrial tile and stone installation practices and industry standards. Experienced faculty utilises both classroom instruction and hands-on product demonstrations. To view the scheduled dates for upcoming courses, click here.

Are you interested in expanding your knowledge of the tile and stone industry? 

Call us to arrange a demo/training session or your FREE sample by calling 1800 331 012 or contact us here.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Great Deal on STONETECH® Care Range

What an Awesome Special!

The STONETECH® Professional product line of stone, tile and masonry care products are innovative, easy-to-use solutions to protect and preserve stone against the damaging effects of everyday living.  With a complete line of products to protect, clean and transform stone surfaces, STONETECH ensures the beauty of natural stone and tile countertops, floors, walls and other installations for generations to come.

Now's your chance to get a great deal on these amazing products - to find out more click here

For more information on the full range of products from STONETECH click here or refer to the Quick Reference Guide for STONETECH Professional products to help you select the product for your application and surface.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Starting Them Young!

Cuteness Overload!

Baby Elijah Loves LATICRETE

LATICRETE QLD Technical Sales Rep, Mitchell Haw, has introduced his little one to the LATICRETE way of life, and it seems he's taken it in his stride - or crawl!

Little Elijah looks like he's having a bucket of fun and we're sure he will be following in his Dad's footsteps in no time!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

LATICRETE Supports Mosaic Artists

Ukrainian Shrine in Canungra Queensland

Sandy Robertson from OzMosaics has created a beautiful shrine, "Ukrainian Catholic Shrine of the Protection of the Mother of God",  at the Marian Valley, Canungra QLD.   

Method:             Mix of direct and mosaic mesh mosaic technique
Size:                  1.5 m H x 1 m W
Substrate:         Waterproofed Cement Sheeting
Tesserae:          Dynasty smalti
Tools:                Leponitt mosaic wheeled nippers
Products:          LATICRETE: Epoxy Grout, PLASMA™335 Premium Flexible Adhesive,
Sanded Grout

"I worked closely with the client and an incredible icon painter who spent many hours with me to bring their mosaic vision to fruition.  It opened my eyes to the Icon intricacies and every detail is so important.  It was an education to both of us across mosaics and Icon painting/mosaics.

I use LATICRETE products exclusively in my workshops as I know the mosaics will last the distance and every mosaic needs the professional touch.  335 Premium Flexible Adhesive, 4237 system, epoxy paste, and sanded grout are pushed to their artistic limits and at the moment I am exploring the new system of grouts for contemporary mosaic effects.  Of course HYDRO BAN is a must for the best pre-sealer a mosaic can have. 
Plasma was perfect for the face and halo.

Thank you again Laticrete for the perfect products and technical advice, for this beautiful mosaic project."

To see more of Sandy's mosaic art and OzMosaics head to the website or contact Sandy here.

For more information on LATICRETE products, FREE samples, technical support or to arrange a demo, call 1800 331 012 or contact us here.