Wednesday, 30 April 2014

LATICRETE at Coverings 2014

In Memorium, LATICRETE Founder - Henry M. Rothberg

STRATA_MAT™ Presentation Underway!

A sneak peak of the HYDRO BAN display 

Coverings 2014

Hurry quickly - Don't miss out on Coverings in Las Vegas, NV, USA - Visit LATICRETE, Booth 5093, April 29 - May 2!

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Spot Bonding Presentation Coming Soon!

Fred Gray will be presenting on Spot Bonding
Fred Gray, LATICRETE Technical Service Manager

Be sure to be at DESIGNEX, in NSW!

This is a presentation you don't want to miss out on! 

Be sure you go down to the Tile and Stone Theatre on Day 2 of DESIGNEX for the Spot Bonding presentation, which will be presented by Fred Gray, LATICRETE Australia Technical Service Manager.

May 29, 2014 - 2.00pm to 2.45pm
An outlawed tiling technique with conventional adhesives made possible with specially engineered epoxy adhesives and well thought out installation practices. A presentation on the future of Spot Bonding in Australia and its ever increasing synergies with evolution of large formate tile and stone.

Speaker: Fred Gray, LATICRETE
Fred Gray has been active in the construction industry since 1975. His experience as a builder, including swimming pools has provided Fred with a unique perspective on tiling installations. Fred has written many hundreds of specifications on tiling, being directly involved through the installations, including facades, railway infrastructure, commercial, shopping centres and high end domestic residential projects.

Be sure to also come past the LATICRETE booth, #488! We would love to chat to you about our products and the available installation systems for tile and stone applications. Click here for more info on DESIGNEX.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Featured Article in SPLASH!

Fred Gray's published article in the Feb/March issue of SPLASH! magazine

Tiling to Last a Lifetime

Fred Gray, LATICRETE Technical Service Manager, provides great tips on things to consider before going ahead with your tiling work, in his article as published in the February - March issue of SPLASH! magazine.

"Following on from my last article, I thought it prudent to go into a little more depth with some of the considerations and practices when preparing one of the most common substrate for ceramic tiling in pools – the concrete shell.

Preparation – The first step in substrate preparation is the evaluation of the substrate and its surface condition. This includes the levelness (plane or flatness deviation), identification of general defects (e.g. structural cracks, shrinkage cracks, laitance, etc…), and the presence of curing compounds or surface hardeners, and contamination." Click here to contain reading the full article.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

LATICRETE Australia in USA

LATICRETE Australia, Technical Sales Rep, Joe Tabone and National Sales Manager, Adam Marks attend product training at LATICRETE International, Inc. on L&M Construction Chemicals.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

What Bloggers Say About HYDRO BAN®

Photo taken from Westside Tile and Stone,
Jimmy Reed - HYDRO BAN Spa Installation

Great Blog Post with Great Photo's

IF you have not used HYDRO BAN on any of your installations and have your doubts, read a blog post from Westside Tile and Stone and you will be sold! 

Click here to read their HYDRO BAN blog post

Can we interest you in a FREE sample of HYDRO BAN?

Call us on 1800 331 012 or talk to your local LATICRETE Technical Sales Rep for technical support or advice on your next project, or contact us here.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage, Kerrod Harvey 

A good chat and pizza's amongst the guys to say farewell to Kerrod Harvey, LATICRETE QLD Storeman. 

The team at LATICRETE wish Kerrod safe travels across Asia, USA and Canada!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

We Going to DESIGNEX, NSW!

We are excited to share, LATICRETE will be at DESIGNEX in Sydney, from 28-30 May. Come by our booth, get to meet the team and chat to us about our:
LATICRETE Technical Service Manager, Fred Gray will be presenting on Spot Bonding, on Thursday, 29th May in the Tile and Stone Theatre. A presentation not to be missed! Click here for the details.

Register to attend DESIGNEX for FREE, before 5pm, 27th May 2014.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Knowledge Exchange at Amber Orange - Postponed

Amber Orange - 268/274 Peisley Street, Orange, NSW


The Knowledge Exchange at Amber Orange which was scheduled for this Thursday, 17 April has been postponed.

Keep your eyes posted for when this event has been rescheduled.

Contact us for more information by calling your local LATICRETE Technical Sales Rep on 1800 331 012 or email us here.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

On the Back of a Ute

The pail with the green lid & the boxes!


This tradie knows that LATICRETE products are designed to SAVE you TIME and MONEY by - Earning more $$$ through increased productivity - Increased productivity when installing tile and stone - Reducing job site problems. What more can you ask for? Maybe a System Warranty? Yes, we provide those too! 
Click here to view/download our System Warranty Brochure.

In the photo above, the pail with the Green lid is: HYDRO BAN® - HYDRO BAN is a thin, load bearing waterproofing/crack isolation membrane that DOES NOT require the use of fabric in the field, coves or corners. HYDRO BAN is a single component, self curing liquid rubber polymer that forms a flexible, seamless waterproofing membrane. HYDRO BAN bonds directly to a wide variety of substrates. Click here for more info and to view an installation video.

In the box is SPECTRALOCK® PRO Grout, the "StainProof " grout - which was also voted the dealers choice. SPECTRALOCK PRO Grout is a patented, high performance epoxy grout that offers colour uniformity, durability and stain resistance with extraordinary ease of use.
SPECTRALOCK PRO Grout is designed for use on ceramic tile, glass tile and stone applications, both residential and commercial. It can be used both interior and exterior on floors and walls. Ideal for re-grouting applications, SPECTRALOCK PRO Grout is perfect for swimming pools, fountains and other wet area applications. Click here for more info and to view an installation video.
Can we interest you in FREE samples?
Contact us by calling 1800 331 012 and speak to your local LATICRETE Technical Sales Rep or contact us here.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Come See us at Amber Orange, NSW!

Amber Orange - 268/274 Peisley Street, Orange, NSW

Why You SHOULD Come See Us!

LATICRETE products are designed to save you time and money by: 
Earning more $$$ through increased productivity - Increased productivity when installing tile and stone - Reducing job site problems - Protecting your Reputation!

Come chat to your local LATICRETE Technical Sales Rep, Glenn Mannix about the available LATICRETE Installation Systems for Tile and Stone as well as the available System Warranties.

When: Thursday, 17 April
Time: 5pm
Where: Amber Orange, NSW
Address: 268/274 Peisley Street, Orange, NSW
Contact: Dave Ryan at Amber Orange
Tel: 02 6361 7366

Attend the event and get a 15% LATICRETE Rebate* off your next LATICRETE purchase. Speak to Glenn on the day for all the details. *Conditions apply.

Contact us for more information by calling 1800 331 012 or email us here.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Great Adhesive as Our Promo!

LATICRETE 335 Premium Flexible Adhesive

335 Premium Flexible Adhesive is a high performance thin-bed adhesive for installing a wide range of tiles and stone including low absorption ceramic tile, porcelain tile, natural and manufactured stone using thin-set method of installation.

Key Features:

  • Interior and exterior use
  • High performance flexible cement based adhesive
  • High tack, non sag
  • Extended open time
  • Easy to use – Plastic and workable
Click here for more product information.  

Yes, 335 is on the list of available Tile and Stone Installation Systems Warranties! View/download our Swimming Pool System Warranty.

LATICRETE Stockists, 335 Premium Flexible Adhesive IS the promo until 30 May 2014! Click here to view the promo.

Tile Contractors - click here to view the promo. Contact your local LATICRETE stockist to find out if they are participating in this promo. 

Call 1800 331 012 to speak to your local Technical Sales Rep or email us here for more information.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

HYDRO BAN Proudly Used!

Its HYDRO BAN® all the Way!

Great looking project underway from Boutique Pools. Nick Collect, LATICRETE QLD, Technical Sales Rep was at the job site offering technical support and sent us the above images.

Nick confirmed the following LATICRETE products were used on this project:
HYDRO BAN - click here for more information and to view an installation video
335 Premium Flexible Adhesive - click here for more information.
PERMACOLOR® Grout - click here for more information.

We can't wait to see the end result!

Can we interest you in FREE samples of HYDRO BAN, 335 Premium Flexible Adhesive (which is also our monthly promo!) and PERMACOLOR?

Contact us here to request your FREE samples, or call 1800 331 012 for more information.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

We Featured in Pool+Spa Review

HYDRO BAN® featured in the "Products Feature" section

Click here to see this on Pool+Spa Review.

As featured on Pool+Spa Review

LATICRETE have all the materials and installation systems for your continouous submerged water applications.  Whether its for a fountain, swimming pool or spa - you can rely on LATICRETE.

A few LATICRETE products have been advertised on the Pool+Spa Review website, not to mention the LATICRETE Mobile App. A great App which features our Product Selection Catalogue and Coverage Calculator - just to mention a few!

Click here to view our Swimming Pool Warranty brochure. Click here to view/download the Pool, Spa and Fountain Tiling Systems Brochure.

Can we interest you in a FREE sample of HYDRO BAN®?

Contact us on 1800 331 012 or email us here for more information.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Have You Seen our Advert?!

LATICRETE Advert in Discovering Stone - Issue 25

At LATICRETE we have manufactured and marketed materials, methods and solutions for installing ceramic tile and stone for over 50 years. LATICRETE materials are maintenance free and are guaranteed to perform in all conditions. The LATICRETE range includes ceramic tile adhesives, stone adhesives, waterproofing membranes, stainless grouts and tile cleaners.

From the arctic to the tropics, from Brisbane to Boston, from Sydney to Singapore, architects, engineers, builders and contractors have field and job site project-proven the performance of the LATICRETE System. This includes typical tile and stone projects as well as challenging installations in swimming pools, facades, industrial and commercial environments.

Click here to view/download - Proven Installation Systems for Tile and Stone Applications.
Click here to view/download - Vertical Applications for Tile and Stone Brochure.

Contact us for more information or lets discuss your next project, call 1800 331 012 or email us here.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Great Looking Shop Entrance

New shop entrance for Nuway Forestdale!

What a Great New Look!

Marti Dobson, Manager at the Nuway Forestdale store recently revamped the shop's entrance. Doesn't it look great?!

Marti used the following LATICRETE products:
335 Premium Flexible Adhesive - click here for more information.
PAVERLINK™ - click here for more information and watch an installation YouTube video.

Good job Marti!

Can we interest you in FREE samples of these LATICRETE Products?

Contact your local LATICRETE Technical Sales Rep for more information by calling 1800 331 012 or email us here.

Nuway Forestdale
Contact: Marti Dobson
Tel: 07 3800 5433

Friday, 4 April 2014

Who Said Coffee?!

Need a cuppa to get you through the day? 

Seems Nick Collett, QLD Technical Sales Rep, enjoys making Latte's! Perhaps the real reason why Nick enjoys making Latte's is because LATICRETE has a wide range of grout and sealant colours, which also includes the colour Latte…hmmm!

Finding tile grout that will withstand time, wear, and the elements, has been a challenge confronted by installers, designers and builders for decades. Thanks to the dedication and ingenuity of the experts at LATICRETE, tile grout is now available that offers product features previously only dreamed of for commercial and home owner/do-it-yourself installations.

The experts at LATICRETE have developed revolutionary tile grout technology to solve a myriad of age-old installation grout problems while simultaneously adding design flexibility.  LATICRETE tile grout is developed to deliver all the tile grout features and benefits sought by building professionals and home owners alike.  From the flagship SPECTRALOCK® line to all the specialty formulations in between, LATICRETE tile grouts are in a class by themselves.  LATICRETE tile grouts exceed the toughest commercial criteria providing a worry-free installation.  LATICRETE stain-resistant grouts are always cleanable to the original colour and boast the largest tile grout colour selection on the market.

Click here to view/download the LATICRETE Grout and Sealant Colour Chart.

Contact us for more information or request samples by calling 1800 331 012 or email us here!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Mosaic Artists Love LATICRETE

From OzMosaics Facebook posting!

"I love Laticrete products"

Sandy Robertson from OzMosaics is an avid user of LATICRETE!

In the above photo is LATICRETE 4237 Latex Additive - 4237 Latex Additive is a specially designed latex additive for use with 211 Crete Filler Powder to make a high strength latex thin bed and medium bed adhesive up to 15mm. For installing all types of tile, stone and agglomerates. Also for use with Portland cement to make slurry bond coats for mortar beds and with thin set adhesives to give improved performance and longer open time. Click here for more information.

Click here to view OzMosaics blog and the continued praise which she provides to LATICRETE.

We can't wait to share the complete mosaic mural with you - keep your eyes posted!

Contact your local LATICRETE Technical Sales Rep for more information by calling 
1800 331 012 or email us here.

Contact: Sandy Robertson
Tel: 07 3847 4873

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Recent Profit Through Knowledge Seminar

LATICRETE Technical Sales Rep, Reuben Craig performing a demo

In the black polo shirt, Chris Anderson, the Global Tile and LATICRETE Rep
all the way from New Zealand.


The above photo's are from a recent Profit Through Knowledge Seminar (PTK) which was held on the Sunshine Coast of QLD.
This intensive training program is specifically developed for ceramic tile and stone industry distributors, dealers and other industry professionals who want to improve their profitability and increase their productivity as they become familiar with LATICRETE profitable, time saving products. 
We offer training and classes that discuss commercial, residential, industrial tile and stone installation methods and industry standards.

  • Gain a better understanding of the ceramic tile and stone industry
  • Learn how to select and recommend the most suitable installation materials
  • Gain comprehensive knowledge of LATICRETE products and installations
  • Learn trade definitions, performance requirements and industry standards
  • Learn how to solve and avoid job problems
  • Participate in hands-on product demonstrations

Our schedule is available as a downloadable PDF.
Contact us for more information by calling 1800 331 012 and speak to your local LATICRETE Rep or email us here.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Our March Promo has Been Extended!

Great Promo - LATICRETE® 335 Premium Flexible Adhesive

Is this Your Order Getting Ready to Leave?

Just to ensure you don't miss out on this awesome product promo, we have extended our March promo to run until 30th May 2014!

You can't afford to miss out on getting FREE bags of 335 Premium Flexible Adhesive when purchasing this GREAT product!

LATICRETE stockists - click here to view/download this promo.
Contractors - click here for your special offer!

Contact us for more information by calling Free Call: 1800 331 012 or email us here.