Friday, 4 April 2014

Who Said Coffee?!

Need a cuppa to get you through the day? 

Seems Nick Collett, QLD Technical Sales Rep, enjoys making Latte's! Perhaps the real reason why Nick enjoys making Latte's is because LATICRETE has a wide range of grout and sealant colours, which also includes the colour Latte…hmmm!

Finding tile grout that will withstand time, wear, and the elements, has been a challenge confronted by installers, designers and builders for decades. Thanks to the dedication and ingenuity of the experts at LATICRETE, tile grout is now available that offers product features previously only dreamed of for commercial and home owner/do-it-yourself installations.

The experts at LATICRETE have developed revolutionary tile grout technology to solve a myriad of age-old installation grout problems while simultaneously adding design flexibility.  LATICRETE tile grout is developed to deliver all the tile grout features and benefits sought by building professionals and home owners alike.  From the flagship SPECTRALOCK® line to all the specialty formulations in between, LATICRETE tile grouts are in a class by themselves.  LATICRETE tile grouts exceed the toughest commercial criteria providing a worry-free installation.  LATICRETE stain-resistant grouts are always cleanable to the original colour and boast the largest tile grout colour selection on the market.

Click here to view/download the LATICRETE Grout and Sealant Colour Chart.

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