Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Contest - Mystery Image

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Mystery image contest - where is this image located ?  Click here to submit your answer.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Racing - Start Young

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Message from a tile contractor / Joey's Mother:

"2011 Racing Season is officially over.  Joey had a FANTASTIC season.  Here are some stats:

7 - 1st Place Wins
3 - 2nd Place Wins
4 - 3rd Place Wins
Rest:  Top 5 every race

National Points:  Joey is 22nd out of 146 Drivers in his Division across America.  Joey just missed the Championship at his race track due to missing two races while on a family vacation (my fault - as they tell me ).

Thank you, Laticrete, for your wonderful sponsorship this year.  We couldn't of done it without you.

Joey will now be moving into a bigger/faster race car for the 2012 season.  Hopefully you will be on board for next year.  This winter we will be taking Joey down to Charlotte, NC, for training."

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas to All!

To all of our Customers, Colleagues and Friends.

The entire LATICRETE Team wishes you a
very Merry Christmas, may it be a day filled with fun, food, family and friends!

Friday, 23 December 2011


Amazing stone veneer by Kevin, using LATICRETE LATAPOXY 310 Stone Adhesive and LATAPOXY Cordless Mixer (as seen in the first photo).

LATAPOXY 310 Stone Adhesive is a two component, high strength epoxy adhesive, which is formulated for spot bonding fixing method of tile and stone installations on vertical surfaces. LATAPOXY 310 Stone Adhesive maintains its non-sag consistency at high working temperatures up to 35°C.

The LATAPOXY 310 Cordless Mixer is an exclusive dual component cordless mixer that quickly and easily dispenses LATAPOXY 310 Stone Adhesive onto ceramic tile, porcelain and stone veneers. Hundreds of metres can be installed per day with less effort and greater success with this system. 

The adhesive and the cordless mixer are IN STOCK, please contact us if you would like more information; 1800 331 012.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A Beautiful Shower Using SpectraLOCK Pro Grout

Created by Jon from JD Tile

What a beautiful example of a shower using the Chestnut Brown colour in the SpectraLOCK Pro Grout range. 

LATICRETE SpectraLOCK PRO Grout is a patented, high performance epoxy grout that offers colour uniformity, durability and stain resistance with extraordinary ease of use.
LATICRETE SpectraLOCK PRO Grout is designed for use on ceramic tile, glass tile and stone applications, both residential and commercial. It can be used both interior and exterior on floors and walls. Ideal for re-grouting applications, LATICRETE SpectraLOCK PRO Grout is perfect for swimming pools, fountains and other wet area applications.
Click here if you would like more information.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Laticrete Performance

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A tile & stone installer decided to test the performance of Laticrete products for installing Stacked Stone type materials.
His words:
"See the aggregate failure on the concrete block , That was a smooth face block, now its splitface from the tenacious bond of HydroBan."

Friday, 16 December 2011

Welcome to John... New NSW Technical Sales Rep

John Knezevic - NSW Technical Sales Rep

LATICRETE, a world leader in the manufacturing of innovative systems for the installation of ceramic tile and stone, has appointed John Knezevic as a Technical Sales Representative for the New South Wales region.

John will be based at the new LATICRETE NSW Warehouse and Training Facility and will have ready access to LATICRETE Global and Australia with sales, marketing & technical support resources.  He has an extensive history in the ceramic tile and stone industry. John has worked with Tile Shops, Builders and Developers as well as Tilers.

As a LATICRETE Technical Sales Representative, John's job will be to develop distribution, review job specifications and plans, assist in project detail planning and review, and provide answers to questions concerning the installation of ceramic tile, pavers, brick, marble and stone.

John can be contacted via email: jknezevic@laticrete.com.au or mobile: 0412 358 944 

Thursday, 15 December 2011

LATICRETE Pty Ltd Holiday Schedule

If you have any questions regarding the LATICRETE Pty Ltd 2011 Holiday Schedule, please don't hesitate to contact us. Either call 1800 331 012 or email info@laticrete.com.au

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

LATICRETE 335 Rapid Premium Adhesive - First Field Trial

Brisbane Domestic Airport
Carport Lift Lobby

First field trial with 335 Rapid Premium Adhesive at Brisbane Domestic Airport lift lobbies, by Rob Kutija of R&T Tiling.

When asked what he thought, Rob commented "Works great, just like 335 Premium Adhesive, only faster!"

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

LATICRETE Architectural Tile and Stone Installation Materials Reference Manual

We are a Green organisation. Our entire Architectural Folder, catalogue, binder and library of architectural specifications, detail drawings and information is online on our website.

This architectural resource is regularly updated with additional design professional oriented information.

A printed copy of the LATICRETE Tile and Stone Installation Materials System Architectural Brochure is available. Click here to request one.

To access the online LATICRETE Architectural Reference Information, click here.

Monday, 12 December 2011

NSW Team in Action

John, Glenn and Fred from the LATICRETE NSW Team

The LATICRETE NSW Team - John Knezevic, Glenn Mannix and Fred Gray spend time working together on LATICRETE 125 demonstration and training discussions.

LATICRETE 125 Sound & Crack Adhesive is a superior crack prevention and sound isolation adhesive mortar. Independently tested to ANSI A118.12 specification for crack isolation for ceramic tile and stone installations and independently tested to ASTM E2179 and ASTM E492 for sound protection. LATICRETE 125 Sound & Crack Adhesive is a single component adhesive mortar which takes the place of costly time consuming membrane or mat systems by allowing for faster, more effective tile or stone installations.

Click here for more information. 

Friday, 9 December 2011

LATICRETE Makes Beautiful and Functional Stone Installation Possible...

Angel Place, Sydney CBD

New NSW Technical Sales Rep, John, visits a LATICRETE stone installation at Angel Place in Sydney CBD. The products used were LATICRETE 3701 Grout & Mortar Additive and slurry bond coat. 

LATICRETE makes beautiful and functional stone installation possible... Ask us about your next project: info@laticrete.com.au 

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Expansion Joints - Why?

Why are Expansion Joints needed
in Tile and Stone Installations?

The basic answer is that in the construction world everything moves. Therefore, accommodation for this movement is required to prevent materials from falling apart and causing destructive failure.

This principle is no different when it comes to ceramic tile and stone installations. Movement is a natural part of these installations and must be accounted for and accommodated. There have been many industry related articles written on this topic that can be consulted for additional information. In addition, the Australian Standard AS3958.1 & 2 and Tile Council of North America (TCNA) have a very detailed explanation of the requirements and necessity for expansion joint construct, design and placement. Consult these documents for this vital information.

It is the Project Designer/Project Architect/Project Engineer’s responsibility to detail and outline the requirements for each specific project. Design Professionals have available to them tables that outline the expansion rates (coefficient of expansion) of most building materials. In their calculations, they can predict how much movement will take place on a given project over a specific substrate using a specific type of adhesive and installation method. As you can imagine, there are countless combinations. There is no way that an tiler can know which combination is applicable before they walk onto a project.

In the absence of a design professional, guidance can be sought from: AS3958.2 Section 4.5 Detailing of Movement Joints; AS3958.1 Section 5.4.5 Movement Joints; and the TCNA suggestions outlined in detail EJ-171 in the Handbook for Ceramic Tile installation. It is interesting to note that the Stone Industry also refers to these details. The ASAA Natural Stone Design Manual references the Australian Standards AS3958 and the TCNA for expansion joint requirements in stone installations. 

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

"It took 15 minutes to convert me"

Allan Findley - Mornington Tile and Stone
Kody (Technical Sales Rep for VIC) demonstrated LATICRETE SpectraLOCK Pro Grout at Mornington Tile and Stone.

"After 45 years in the tile and stone industry, it took 15 minutes to convert me to epoxy grouts" quote from Allan Findley after seeing Kody's demo and trying SpectraLOCK Pro Grout for himself.

Would you like a LATICRETE SpectraLOCK Pro Grout demonstration or another LATICRETE product demonstrated? Call us 1800 331 012 or email info@laticrete.com.au

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Our Mission...

At LATICRETE here in Australia, and all over the World, we are committed... We follow a simple but very powerful Mission Statement, as outlined above.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Welcome Alex - New LATICRETE Technical Sales Rep

Alex - New Technical Sales Representative

Although Alex started a couple of weeks ago, we wanted to officially announce Alex Kralefski as Technical Sales Representative for the Victoria region. Alex will help support existing LATICRETE distribution partners and customers while seeking out new opportunities in Victoria as well as Tasmania.

Alex joins LATICRETE with a decade of experience as a Director for Auswall Pty Ltd. In his position there, Alex managed many different types of clients, quoted and estimated and also had a hands-on role. Alex's diverse experience has put him in an advanced position to "hit the ground running" and is ready to meet, discuss, assist and visit all current LATICRETE customers and potential customers. 

For sales enquiries, Alex and Kody are the LATICRETE Technical Sales Representatives for Victoria and Tasmania. 

Alex can be contacted on his mobile: 0422 774 323 or email: akralefski@laticrete.com.au

Friday, 2 December 2011

Tile Today Advert - SpectraLOCK PRO Premium Grout

A SpectraLOCK PRO Premium Grout advertisement in the current edition of Tile Today magazine.

New LATICRETE SpectraLOCK PRO Premium Grout has all the great features of LATICRETE SpectraLOCK PRO grout – colour uniformity, durability and ease of installation – with enhanced performance. LATICRETE SpectraLOCK PRO Premium Grout is Stainproof†, so it’s even easier to maintain. The improved "non sag" formula is even easier to install while providing attractive, full grout joints.

† Stainproof (residential installations only) to common household cleaners, liquids and other goods. Clean all spills immediately.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

LATICRETE System Warranty

A comprehensive warranty covering materials and labour is available for premium grade LATICRETE and LATAPOXY products when used together as a complete LATICRETE System. Please refer to Data Sheet 230.13 for full details and limitations.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Intense Hands-on New Technology Product Training

Class of November 2011

Our first class has successfully graduated from LATICRETE's first training night held at our fantastic new Moorebank, NSW Training Facility.

Around the world LATICRETE places great importance on training our customers and we would like to thank Pierre and the team from Macarthur Tiles for attending.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

"Best product we have ever used"

Joe and Michael (tilers) at Ital Ceramics with
Vince (Ital Ceramics, black shirt)
Kody (VIC Technical Sales Rep) visited Ital Ceramics in Brunswick, Victoria. It was a great meeting, especially to hear how pleased their tilers were with SpectraLOCK Pro Grout. Joe and Michael did their first SpectraLOCK Pro Grout job last week and were quoted as saying, "It (SpectraLOCK Pro Grout) is the best product we have ever used". Great feedback for a great product.

If you would like more information on SpectraLOCK Pro Grout, click here.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Dazzle Your Next Job!

Dazzle in Pearl

A unique design component, LATICRETE SpectraLOCK Dazzle adds metallic and "Glow-In-The-Dark" enhancements to SpectraLOCK PRO Premium Grout. These high-end design elements offer limitless imaginative applications. Use Dazzle on walls and floors. Add a metallic look to plain tile and stone. Accentuate metallic tiles, glass tiles, mosaics, stone and listellos with Dazzling colour combinations. Use Dazzle in your pools and spas. Use Glow in your bathrooms, hallways and entryways. For use in interior and exterior applications on floors and walls.

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Friday, 25 November 2011

Installation of Large Format Tile & Stone

18mm loop notch trowel with a medium bed mortar used for
large format tiles or stones.

Twenty to twenty five years ago choosing tile was simple. Floor tile was typically 200mm x 200mm and wall tile was 100mm x 100mm and there were a couple dozen options for color on the floor and several options for wall tile color. The old saying, “you can have any colour you want as long as it’s white” was not far from the truth. With the tremendous advances in technology and materials, the average tile installation is no longer average. For many years the tile manufacturing trend was to create a wider variety of textures and colours for stone; but more recently there has been a trend to manufacture and install larger and larger tile.

Large format tile was considered to be 300mm x 300mm and was on the cutting edge of technology. Now tile is available from 10mm x 10mm glass mosaic to 1220mm x 1220mm porcelain and larger.

Some advantages of having large format tile installed include;
  1. Narrow grout joints – rectified, large format tile allows for thinner grout joint widths
  2. Easier maintenance – it is typically much easier to clean the face of tile than it is to clean grout.
  3. Room size perception – the perception is that large tile makes the room in which it is installed appear larger
Consider three main issues when installing large format tile and stone:
  • Lippage
  • Thin Set Mortar Coverage
  • Curing / Protection

For additional information regarding this important subject read the complete technical data sheet. Click here to view.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

LATICRETE Chemist Visits Chelmstone

LATICRETE R&D Chemist, Dr. Surendra Patel,
Chris and Craig from Artizan Stone

LATICRETE R&D Chemist Dr. Surendra Patel assists with an installation of Artizan Stone using LATICRETE products at Chelmstone in Brisbane.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Exterior & Interior Tile Walls - Methods & Details

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This Technical Advisory deals with TCNA handbook listed & detailed methods for Exterior Walls and Interior Walls over Masonry or Concrete Methods and Solid Backing:

EXTERIOR WALLS (Ceramic, Porcelain and Glass Tile) - pages 127-130

These methods have the highest environmental rating – Res 6 / Com 6. However, bear in mind that waterproofing is not a requirement. If it desired, then it must be clearly specified. The exception is method W244E (cement backer board over wood or metal studs). A membrane is required in this method; however, its location (whether over the framing or directly beneath the tile over the face of the cement backer board) is left up to the design professional to specify. Our preference is to place the waterproofing over the cement backer board. In this location, it protects the fasteners and the connections to the framing. If a water resistive barrier is also required, waterproofing can still be applied over the face of the cement backer board.

A note appears under membrane options; which mentions that local building codes should be consulted to determine if a water-resistive barrier (typically 2 layers of 15 # builders felt), waterproof membrane or vapor retarder membrane is required.

Some other notes of interest:
o      Not all bonding mortars are suitable for exterior use
o      Protection of installation may be required to prevent premature exposure of setting materials to moisture.

INTERIOR WALLS OVER MASONRY OR CONCRETE (Ceramic, Porcelain and Glass Tile) - Pages 131 – 133

As in the exterior details, a membrane is optional.
These methods have environmental ratings of Res 1,2,3,5 / Com 1,2,3,5. Therefore, only high humidity / heavy moisture (Res 4 / Com 4 – e.g. steam rooms) and exterior (Res 6 / Com 6) applications are excluded. The exception is W215 (Epoxy Spot Bond Method) which can only be used in dry areas (Res 1 / Com 1).

INTERIOR WALLS OVER SOLID BACKING (Ceramic, Porcelain and Glass Tile) - Pages 134 – 137

There are 3 methods in this section. As in the exterior details, a membrane is optional.

This section includes another example of the versatility within a given installation method. Methods W221 and W222 have environmental ratings of Res 1,2,3,5 / Com 1,2,3,5 with masonry backing (e.g. brick or block). With gypsum board or plaster backing the environmental ratings drop to Res 1, 2 / Com 1, 2 and drop further with wood backing to Res 1 / Com 1.

These methods can be suitable for exterior applications when flashing, waterproofing and appropriate material selection is considered. If used in exterior applications, certain notes / conditions will apply.

Method W223 (organic adhesive over solid backing) is only suitable for Res 1, 2 / Com 1, 2 interior only applications.

If you would like a copy of the TCNA Handbook click here to send us an email. If you would like a PDF efile copy of a Laticrete brochure on tile & stone Facades click here. For access to a comprehensive Tile & Stone Facades Technical Design Manual click here.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

iPhone & iPad & Android App

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Click here to read more and to obtain the App

Laticrete & Innovation

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Click here for more information about Laticrete Innovations
Click here to contact Laticrete and to be part of this

Friday, 18 November 2011

LATICRETE Pty Ltd Holiday Schedule 2011

If you have any questions regarding this holiday schedule please email info@laticrete.com.au or call 1800 331 012.

Laticrete & Green

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Click here for more information on Green Tile & Stone Installation Materials

Thursday, 17 November 2011

An Interesting Book

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An interesting book written by an interesting tiler
More info click here

Lunch Time On The Jobsite

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An interesting use of a notched trowel.  Note the mustard bottle.

Interesting Interview

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Kirby Davis of Laticrete being interviewed during the first few minutes of this video at the Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo:

Kirby is part of the Laticrete SPD (Specialty Products Division) team promoting Laticrete MVIS mortars, products, technology for installing thin stone and thin brick veneers !

Check out www.laticrete.com/MVIS for more info regarding the Laticrete MVIS products