Friday, 30 August 2013

Best Address in Sydney has LATICRETE all over it!

This job has LATICRETE Productivity stamped all over it.

Most of the units and their extensive stone and tile work were done with LATICRETE materials. These include HydroBan, Gold, 4237/211, PermaColor and 3701.The above photographs show the stair lobby wall which starts in the basement and extends upwards to a long narrow skylight along the width at the top. The wall is only interrupted by the canter-levered stair case which is cast showing the profile of the tread and riser only.

The large format limestone panels (600 x 1200 & 300 x 1200) on this wall were fixed to the concrete wall with LATAPOXY 310 by the "Spot Bond Method" which eliminated slow, labour intensive mechanical fixing of the stone. The Pietra Grey Marble installed on the stairs and landings were bonded with LATICRETE 4237/211W.

Project :
Residential Units 62 Wunulla Rd Point Piper - this is regarded as one of the best addresses in Sydney.
Contractor - 3D Tiling.
Builder - Pimas Gale.


Fred Gray
Technical Service Manager


Thursday, 29 August 2013

STRATA_MAT™ - High Performance Uncoupling Membrane!

Click on images to enlarge
STRATA_MAT is the next generation high performance uncoupling membrane for use under ceramic tile and stone installations.  For residential and commercial applications. Designed to replace traditional underlayment materials. The unique design of STRATA_MAT provides for an enhanced mechanical bond of the adhesive mortar and provides for faster drying of the mortar.  This allowing for shorter time to grout. Specifically designed for use with both modified and unmodified mortars. STRATA_MAT allows for the proper adhesive mortar to be used with porcelain or large format tiles and stone.

Click here for more info & to view the video. Contact us on 1800 331 012 for more information.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

All the way from Paris!

A dedicated LATICRETE customer and mosaic artist, Bonnie Fitzgerald sent the below email to our GM:

"Dear Henry,

Talk about customer service! I cannot thank you enough for pulling strings to have a bag of thinset delivered to my hotel in Paris.  Lucky for me a 20 year old male was along on the trip, he carried that bag up and down the hills of Chartres to the studio we had our workshop in - as it turned out our large bus and the small French roads in town were a challenging combination!

We had a magical experience.  A friend of a colleague loaned me studio space for 25 of us to make broken dish mosaics in the spirit of Maison Picassiette in Chartres.  Attached are some photos.

My heartfelt thanks.  And you now have another group of loyal Laticrete supporters.

Bonnie Fitzgerald"
Maverick Mosaics, Inc.
PO Box 1551
Vienna, VA  22183
Tel: 703/856-5160

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

We Do Presentations to Architects!

Corporate Specifications Program!

LATICRETE the world leader in tile and stone installation systems, provides a revolutionary resource tool that is sure to change the way design and specification professionals specify tile and stone installation systems.
We are your Project Consultants regarding materials, methods and technologies for the permanent problem-free long term installation of tile and stone.
We'll visit your office or your job site and provide advice and recommendations customised for your project's requirements. View our Corporate Specifications Program for a list of our services to you!
Contact us here or call 1800 331 012 for more information.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Quick Fix in Just a Pinch!

Featuring a NEW Product!

LATAPOXY® 310 SPOT-ON™ is a 2 component, high strength adhesive.  Hand mixed and formulated for durable, permanent installation or repair of tile, stone, concrete and masonry.

Spot bonding tile, stone, marble and granite 
Repairs chipped concrete and masonry 
Installation of soap dishes, coves and bases 
Interior and exterior 

Easy to use – cut, mix and apply 
Rapid set time – 3 to 7 minutes working time 
Fast durable and permanent bond – 60 minutes functional cure 
Superior strength – compressive strength 55 MPa 
Irritant free - No solvents/low VOCs 

Suitable Substrates
Concrete masonry units (CMU) 
Exterior glue plywood

Cement backer board*


Existing Tile***

* Consult cement backer board manufacturer for specific installation recommendations.

**Steel surface must be cleaned to remove oil, dust oxidation and other bond inhibiting materials.

***Existing tile surface must be scarified and cleaned prior to application.

Click here for more information ! Contact us for a FREE sample or call 1800 331 012 for more information.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Added Advantages of Using LATICRETE!

 LATICRETE is There for YOU!

Whether you are an architect, tiler, builder, landscaper or stockist - LATICRETE is there to support you!

We call on job sites, offer guidance when using our products, arrange trade events, demos, training seminars, architectural presentations, specifications and provide LATICRETE System Warranties as our products are Globally proven!

Can we interest you in FREE product samples?! 

Contact us on 1800 331 012 or email us here to discuss your project, free samples or to arrange a trade event!

Thursday, 22 August 2013


Eventful fun!

Some interesting events around the Laticrete world!

"Thanks to everyone who attended the Laticrete employee outing at Lime Rock Park last weekend.  We had a blast and I hope this fun event provided some entertaining racing for everyone.  A special thanks to Kristen Holland and Janet Brunwin and the rest of the Wellness Committee for organizing the event.  While I would have liked to have won the race, my wife assures me the “crash” and a 3rd place finish was probably more entertaining than a win.

Here’s a video of the entire race if you’d like to see it from my vantage point:

Here’s just the crash:

Also, we’re working to put a short video of photos and highlights on the Laticrete cafeteria kiosks around the world, so check that out next week.

Thanks again for coming out and hopefully we can do it again next year.


Ron Munnerlyn | Director of U.S. Manufacturing

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Wonders of 3701!

You can always count on LATICRETE!

Its imperative to lay stone over the correct substrate! Blueboard is not a suitable substrate! 

This is where LATICRETE 3701 Fortified Mortar Bed and metal lathe come into play.
The metal lathe gets screwed into the wall and LATICRETE 3701 Fortified Mortar Bed is used as a render to fortify the substrate. Only now, it’s a suitable wall for stone!

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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Have You Got Your LATICRETE Rebate Offer?!

Attend a LATICRETE Event & Be Rewarded!

Ensure you grab your Rebate offer of 15% on a single invoice purchase of LATICRETE products.

This offer is extended to Tilers or contractors who attend a Learning/Knowledge Exchange, a LATICRETE presentation or a LATICRETE PTK (Profit Through Knowledge) Seminar. One offer per person. Product must be purchased by 31 July 2014. 

LATICRETE stockists, you to can benefit from this - arrange a Trade event & have the tilers purchasing LATICRETE products from your shop/store!

Click here for more information about our PTK and to view the seminar schedule. Click here to contact your local Technical Sales Representative or call 1800 331 012 for more information.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Demonstrations at a QLD Trade Event

LATICRETE Technical Sales Rep, Nick Collett recently held a Trade afternoon at Tilers Trade Shop where he demonstrated LATICRETE® 125 Sound & Crack Adhesive and our new product, which is also this months promotion, LATICRETE® 4-XLT.

LATICRETE® 125 Sound & Crack Adhesive is a superior crack prevention and sound isolation adhesive. Independently tested to ANSI A118.12 specification for crack isolation for ceramic tile and stone installations and independently tested to ASTM E2179 and ASTM E492 for impact sound isolation. LATICRETE 125 Sound & Crack Adhesive is a single component adhesive which takes the place of costly time consuming membrane or mat systems by allowing for faster, more effective tile or stone installations. Click here to view an installation video & for more information.

LATICRETE® 4-XLT is a multi-use, polymer fortified adhesive mortar built on the new LATICRETE Water Dispersion Technology (WDT) platform. WDT provides for the complete dispersion of water within the mix allowing users to achieve the desired application consistency. LATICRETE 4-XLT offers tremendous utility including non-sag wall installations, medium bed build-up of up to 19mm and thin-set applications of floors.
In addition, LATICRETE 4-XLT is the first product from LATICRETE to come incorporated with the new LATICRETE DUST LOCK™ Technology. This unique way of manufacturing our adhesives dramatically reduces mess both during transportation of the product as well as during mixing. Meets and exceeds the requirements of AS4922.1 as a C1TS1 classification adhesive. Click here for more information.
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Friday, 16 August 2013

A Different Kind of Spotted!

Our Technical Sales Rep Bill Katsikanis, from VIC sent in the above photo while out an about in the LatiVan. 

Any guesses if its real?!  

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Dont forget our New Product is our Monthly Promo!

Have you missed our Product launch and August Promo - LATICRETE ® 4-XLT?!

Dont stress - click on the links below for the full details of our promo! We have a promo for our Stockiest's & for the Tilers - so nobody misses out !

LATICRETE® 4-XLT is a multi-use, polymer fortified adhesive mortar built on the new LATICRETE Water Dispersion Technology (WDT) platform. WDT provides for the complete dispersion of water within the mix allowing users to achieve the desired application consistency. LATICRETE 4-XLT offers tremendous utility including non-sag wall installations, medium bed build-up of up to 19mm and thin-set applications of floors.

Just some of the benefits of LATICRETE 4-XLT are:

  • Incredible non-sag performance, including large and heavy tile
  • Excellent medium bed performance, 19mm thick without shrinkage
  • Utilises Water Dispersion Technology allowing for different mortar consistencies.
  • LATICRETE® DUST LOCK™ Technology dramatically reduces mess both during transportation of the product as well as during mixing.
  • Smooth and Creamy Consistency
  • Exceeds AS ISO13007.1 & 2 Strength Requirements of C1TES1
  • "Extra Heavy" rating per ASTM C627
  • Bonds to many suitable substrates
     Click here for the Tiler promo! Click here for the Tile Shop Promo! Or email us here if you would like a FREE sample of LATICRETE 4-XLT or call 1800 331 012!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Regrout of Swimming Pool!

LATICRETE, NSW Technical Sales Rep, Joe Tabone was recently at the above job site and submitted the above photo's.

The pool project consists of regrouting the pool using SPECTRALOCK™ "StainProof" grout. 
SPECTRALOCK PRO Grout is designed for use on ceramic tile, glass tile and stone applications, both residential and commercial. It can be used both interior and exterior on floors and walls. Ideal for re-grouting applications, SPECTRALOCK PRO Grout is perfect for swimming pools, fountains and other wet area applications. Click here for more information.

Click here if we can interest you in FREE samples of SPECTRALOCK PRO Grout! 
Or call 1800 331 012 for more information.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A Message all the way from the USA

Our GM received a message from V-vo Mosaics, who are based in Perth, Australia but is currently traveling the USA:
"Best mosaics I have ever seen. Panfilo. Pure Water Pools. The man is a genius.
Panfilo aka Pure Water Pools (Randy Beard) used HydroBan and GTA and Permacolor. This one will be good. I have shown them 3701 but I need some to play with. I will call Eddie (Laticrete OC) today. This is turning into quite a trip.

Kind regards Iain
Iain Middleton
V-Vo Architectural Mosaics

Monday, 12 August 2013

Trencadis Mosaic Tile Facade

This Trencadís mosaic tile facade was installed directly to the concrete building envelope with the LATICRETE System of high performance materials. This system consisting of a LATICRETE fortified render, shockproof adhesive and high performance grout. This is a life of structure installation technology. Project is in Sydney, Australia.
Simon Sweetapple, Director and Construction Manager for Beebo Constructions provided these comments:
“LATICRETE products are tried, tested and innovative. They have been proven to save labour on complex projects such as this.  The LATICRETE team were extremely professional and helpful from being readily available for onsite testing to ongoing technical support and consulting.  There are certainly many advantages to LATICRETE.”
Click here for our Comprehensive Tile & Stone Installation Systems Warranties brochure! Click here to view our Corporate Specifications Program!
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Friday, 9 August 2013

Are You Aware?!

Successful Training at LATICRETE Int.

The above images were sent to our GM from a recent "in-the-field" apprentice training event sponsored by LATICRETE. The photos were accompanied by a message from the apprentice training manager: "Thanks for another great day of training! Everyone enjoyed the day! The youngsters really did well. And today was their first shot at epoxy. As always, thank you!'

We offer training and classes that discuss commercial, residential, industrial tile and stone installation practices and industry standards. 

The Australian Profit Through Knowledge Technical Seminar is a two day, intensive training program specifically developed for ceramic tile and stone industry distributors, dealers and other industry professionals who want to improve their profitability and increase their productivity as they become familiar with LATICRETE profitable, time saving products. Experienced faculty utilises both classroom instruction and hands-on product demonstrations.

  • Gain a better understanding of the ceramic tile and stone industry
  • Learn how to select and recommend the most suitable installation materials
  • Gain comprehensive knowledge of LATICRETE products and installations
  • Learn trade definitions, performance requirements and industry standards
  • Learn how to solve and avoid job problems
  • Participate in hands-on product demonstrations

Click for the full details on course content, dates, venues etc!  Click here to contact us or call 1800 331 012!

Thursday, 8 August 2013


Reuben Craig, LATICRETE QLD Technical Sales Rep was recently in Noosa and sent in the above photos.

Are you a LATICRETE stockiest and in need of LATICRETE banners?! Or can we interest you in a supply of these labels for your sample boards or for your tile cartons? Or how about grout colour cards...Interested?

Click here if you would like labels, LATICRETE signage or grout colour cards sent to you!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

New, Additional LATASIL Colours!

Available LATICRETE Grout & Sealant Colours!

LATICRETE has a wide range of grout and sealant colours available for you to add some colour to your wonders...or perhaps its our StainProof grout you are after!

Click here for more information and be Dazzled!

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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

StainProof Grout - Used in a Bathroom!

SPECTRALOCK PRO GroutThe Dealers Choice

LATICRETE® SPECTRALOCK® PRO Grout is the Dealers Choice - from walls to floors, kitchens, bathrooms to pools, residential to commercial, interior to exterior!

SPECTRALOCK PRO Grout is designed for use on ceramic tile, glass tile and stone applications. Available in 40 colours!

Add a metallic look to plain tile and stone. Accentuate metallic tiles, glass tiles, mosaics, stone and listellos with Dazzling colour combinations. Use DAZZLE in your pools and spas. Use Glow in your bathrooms, hallways and entryways. Click here for more information and watch an installation video!

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Monday, 5 August 2013

Centenary Pool Refurbishment

Great Pool Project 

LATICRETE QLD Technical Sales Rep, Nick Collett was recently on site and took the above images for us to blog on this Spectacular project! 

Products used in this project are: 

LATICRETE 3701 Fortified Mortar Bed - click here for more information
LATICRETE 3701 Mortar Admix - click here for more information
LATICRETE 4237 Latex Additive with LATICRETE 211 Crete Filler - click here for more info.

We cant wait to see the end result of this pool project Nick!

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