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The LATICRETE® SUPERCAP® System is a time-saving, cost-effective method in finishing new concrete or capping existing slabs. This proven LEAN Construction tool provides benefits right from the start of concrete placement in division 3 and flows through division 9.
The System combines LEED contributing, GREENGUARD certified, low alkali, self-leveling cement-based technology with a computer controlled mobile blending unit (the pump truck).
You'll see very tangible benefits:
  • Time Savings: When it comes to construction, time is money - and the LATICRETE SUPERCAP system saves a lot of both. The underlayment goes down at least 50% quicker, the cure is fast and following trades can be back working on a perfectly flat floor in 24 hours. That adds up to real time savings and you know what that means
  • Cost Effective: The volume and efficiencies that SUPERCAP® offers lead to fewer man hours and lower costs. Because of the mobile blending unit, we can complete a floor more economically. And that doesn’t even factor in the lower costs for following trades doing their jobs faster.
  • Jobsite Safety: No more loading the building, staging thousands of small bags and creating dust. A small crew manning a hose is the only thing you’ll see in the building.
  • Pumps 13.5 ton per hour, equivalent to 675 small bags an hour: That’s some serious volume never before achieved. Just think how much labour and equipment you would need to match that. Along with tying up the loading dock and building lift.
  • SUPERCAP Warranty: SUPERCAP will perform for years to come. Our products have a 10 year limited warranty and come with the option of a  15 Year SUPERCAP System Warranty – covering product, labour & materials. Contact LATICRETE SUPERCAP to discuss the System Warranty options.

This revolutionary System benefits the entire project from design to completion by providing predictable results that can shave weeks off a project schedule while delivering a perfectly flat floor for following trades to build out on.

We call it Perfectly Flat Floors. Delivered. Click here to download the LATICRETE® SUPERCAP® Allprep brochure for more information.

Consider using the LATICRETE SUPERCAP Pump Truck on your next project? 

Call: 1300 ALLPREP 

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  1. Congrats to AllPrep for a great decision. This system has been a proven winner!!