Thursday, 5 October 2017

SPARTACOTE™ Metallic system - Part 1

Distributing base coat on substrate

Rolling out base colour

Part B ready to mix with metallic colour


Metallic coat to go over black base

Over the past few weeks we have been sharing in the application process for LATICRETE SPARTACOTE™ Flooring Systems and have so far featured the SPARTACOTE™ BLENDED CHIP system. The images above show the initial steps in the application of the SPARTACOTE Metallic system.

To start, measured amounts of SPARTACOTE POLYASPARTIC PIGMENT™ and SPARTACOTE FLEX Pigment Base Kit Part A are mixed together. Once these have dispersed completely, mix in with the SPARTACOTE FLEX PIGMENT Base Kit Part B to create the black base coat for the system. Distribute evenly by pouring the material out in 'ribbons' and roll the black base colour out over the substrate. Once applied, leave to dry. To create the Metallic coat, mix measured amounts of SPARTACOTE FLEX ™ Clear Part A with your chosen Metallic pigment. Add SPARTACOTE FLEX Clear Part B to create the metallic coat which will go over the black base. Keep your eyes peeled next week to see the next steps of the application process.

SPARTACOTE Metallic Pigment is designed to provide one of a kind colour brilliance and depth to concrete flooring and can provide designers with the ability to significantly enhance the ambiance of any environment. SPARTACOTE Metallic offers single day application - giving you a next-day return to service time frame.

Features & Benefits:
  • 12x vibrant colours
  • Easy to install
  • Single day application with next-day return to service
  • Unique application techniques

For more information on SPARTACOTE flooring systems click here.

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