Thursday, 26 October 2017

High Performance Renders and Screeds

An article by Fred Gray, LATICRETE Australia Technical Service Manager, provides tips on how to achieve high performance renders and screeds:

"Want exceptional, known performance and productivity with your screeds and renders? 3701 Mortar Admix gauged with 226 Thick Bed Mortar delivers! We realise that not every project needs this exceptional level of performance, but when contractors want to ensure their mortars and adhesives are of a higher standard, that’s when LATABOND™ comes in. 

Use internally or externally to increase, amongst other things, the flexibility, compressive/tensile strength and shock resistance of your mortar. Use diluted or un-diluted to determine your own level of performance and economy with adhesives, grouts, slurry bond coats, renders, screeds and those alike. Anything that has Portland cement in it can benefit from LATABOND.

The more concentrated and less diluted it is, the better the performance. You’re in control of the working and physical properties of your mix for permanent and trouble free installations. LATABOND, like most LATICRETE products, is non-hazardous, low VOC and safe to use. For more complete information see Data Sheet DS-1078."

For more information on LATICRETE permanent trouble free installation products, training, or technical advice, contact your local LATICRETE representative on 1800 331 012 - or email:

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