Thursday, 16 February 2017


Scan for Erin Frasers contact details

They say you can always trust animal instinct - and it looks like even our furry friend in VIC knows quality products when he sees them! 

LATICRETE a world-wide manufacturer and marketer of green flooring and facade materials, used in residential, commercial and industrial applications. For over 60 years, LATICRETE has provided the technology, products and service making innovative, permanent installations and repairs for the construction market. Architecturally specified and professionally endorsed, LATICRETE offers a dedication to quality that results in globally proven solutions for virtually every flooring, waterproofing and facade application. 

Contact us to discuss available installation systems, product information, and for job site technical advice, scan the above QR code for Erin Fraser's contact details, your LATICRETE VIC Technical Sales Rep. Alternatively, contact LATICRETE by calling 1800 331 012 or contact us here.

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