This residential project consisted of installing LATICRETE SPARTACOTE® Metallic concrete coatings at the Revere House in Washington D.C. This is a high profile residential condominium where a designer was contracted to renovate all common areas of the building. Expert SPARTACOTE installers Collins Concrete Coatings applied the flooring systems to the prepared concrete in the basement.
The project scope included a concrete stairwell leading down to the basement level where the resident’s laundry area was housed. The concrete stairs also had to be prepped in order to receive the SPARTACOTE Quartz coating system. Evidence of excessive moisture vapour transmission made for less than ideal concrete substrate conditions and the stairs had multiple layers of failed paint and excessive cracks and fractures.
The customer wanted a metallic system in the laundry area, quartz on the stairs, a level floor surface and a rapid return to service to resume building operations. Upon consulting with SPARTACOTE subject matter expert, Ben Grier, and the SPARTACOTE team, Collins Concrete Coatings proposed a suitable SPARTACOTE coating system.
The results were nothing less than amazing and certainly exceeded all of the customer’s expectations! Read the full project details here.
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