Thursday, 6 October 2016

Commercial Project Underway

We call on Job Sites

Craig Hunter, LATICRETE NSW Technical Sales Rep, caught up with Ian from Surface Safe and Nathan from Unique Concrete Solutions on a job site in Cessnock, NSW. 
The team were using 3701 Mortar Admix with 226 Thick Bed Mortar to create a heavy duty screed for a commercial project within a shopping centre.

226 Thick Bed Mortar is a factory prepared blend of carefully selected raw materials, Portland cement and graded aggregates. 226 Thick Bed Mortar was designed for use with 3701 Mortar Admix to produce a latex Portland cement mortar that has exceptional strength. 
3701 Mortar Admix is a specially designed latex admixture for use with thin-set adhesives, cement grouts, cement mortar beds and other cement mixes.

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