Monday, 18 August 2014

Gorgeous Colours

"The Kingfisher"
"The Pond" Panel
The Little Frog - Will he become a Prince?

A Glass/Mosaic Hobbyist - Linden Bird

An email we received from Linden Bird a glass/mosaic hobbyist. Read what Linden says about LATICRETE adhesives and grouts:

"This was the first time that I had used Laticrete on a large piece. I used the ‘normal’ grout in midnight on the attached kingfisher 30cm by 15 cm indoor piece I made last year. I ‘discovered’ Laticrete with this piece as everyone I asked said that Laticrete produced the best colours in their grout range. And I might add they were right. I used the midnight black on the kingfisher piece and it held the black really well. A lot of black grout from other makers seem to go grey once they cure but not this one.

I used the 335 adhesive and the spectralock grout for the first time on the panel as it is an outdoor piece. I found the 335 was lovely and smooth and buttery. I could just as easily butter each piece or put it on larger areas. It also worked really well with the fibreglass mesh I put on some of the larger pieces. Though once it set that was it, there was no changing the location of the piece - it wasn’t going to go anywhere!

The SPECTRALOCK® PRO Grout was really easy to use and the instructions were easy to follow. I found the clean up with this grout a lot easier than ‘normal’ grout and it did not need to be sealed. I felt that the clean up of the grout seemed to clean and add an extra sheen to the glass as well so that was an added bonus.

I have since used the 335 on another piece I made for a friend and this time I added black cement oxide to it. I used it to adhere the little fused square of glass that I fused a frog in glass onto a 15cm square marmox board as well as making the 335 the textured border. This is also attached so you can see what I am talking about.


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