Friday, 22 August 2014

What an Accomplishment!

Avi Meadow at the summit of Breithorn

From L to R: Louis Wilson, Avi Meadow and Michael Siu

Avi Meadow, nephew of LATICRETE owners David and Henry B. Rothberg, just returned from a few days spent at around 4000 metres in the Alps on the border of Italy and Switzerland.   

See what Avi Meadow had to say in an email: 

"I climbed with Michael Siu (From Hong Kong) and Louis Wilson (From Chicago), both good friends from University. We started in Zermatt, Switzerland, taking the Klein Matterhorn Tram up to 3800 Metres. From there we traversed East to the base of the Breithorn, where we climbed up the South Western ridge to the western and highest summit at 4165 metres (August 7, 2014).  
From there we descended and continued to traverse East to the Val De Ayas Hut where we spent the night.  The next morning we awoke early and began to ascend to the base of the summit push of Castor, a few hours climbing above the Val De Ayas Hut.  From the base we climbed up the South West face to the summit ridge, where we traversed east on a knife edge and exposed ridge to the summit at 4228 metre ( August 8, 2014). We descended from the Eastern side of the mountain down to the Quintino Sella Hut.  
The next day large storms hit the range so after spending 1 day stranded in the hut, we took a brief window of calm to descend down to the Aosta Valley in Italy to end our journey with a 6 hour, 4 different trains, ride back to Stresa!  The pic with the flag is on the summit of the Breithorn."

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