Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Large Format Tile Installation


Murray Heazlewood and the team from SEQ Tiling and Cladding recently completed this residential project in Hamilton, QLD. The 18m2 project features 3000x1500 large format tiles installed with a range of LATICRETE products including HYDRO BAN® and 254 Platinum. 

  • HYDRO BAN is a thin, load-bearing waterproofing/crack isolation membrane that DOES NOT require the use of fabric in the field, coves or corners. HYDRO BAN is a single component self-curing liquid rubber polymer that forms a flexible, seamless waterproofing membrane that bonds directly to a wide variety of substrates. 
  • 254 Platinum is the ultimate one-step, polymer fortified, thin-set adhesive for interior and exterior installation of ceramic tile, reduced thickness porcelain, stone, quarry tile, pavers, and brick. 254 Platinum, designed to just mix with water, has a long open time with unsurpassed adhesion and workability.

Do you need help in selecting the appropriate adhesives, mortars, and grouts for your specific residential applications? The LATICRETE Residential Tile & Stone Installation Systems brochure provides information on products that are engineered for residential tile and stone installations. Click here to view/download the LATICRETE Residential Tile & Stone Brochure.

Call us on 1800 331 012 to find out more about our products, arrange a demo, request FREE samples or email us here.

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