Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Tips from Technical Services

Spot Bonding with the Right Adhesive

In a Technical Article featured in Tile Today #81, Fred Gray, LATICRETE Australia Technical Service Manager, provides an informative discussion about spot bonding with the right adhesives. 

"As tile format get larger, the need for straighter, flatter and truer substrates increases to ensure the installation meets the required finished tolerances. Tilers are often faced with substrates that were never built to deliver this required flatness for tiling but are still expected to deliver a great looking job despite this.

For some, the answer with large format wall tiling is to spot bond the tiles to the surface to help plumb and true the installation. This is a technique where thick daubs of cement based adhesives, which are not designed to be used in this way, are applied to the back of the tile, generally four or five places, to help plumb the tile accurately. However this method of fixing with cement based adhesives is not recognised and in fact has led to many tile installation issues, particularly external ones. 

LATAPOXY 310 Spot Bonding Adhesive however is designed to be used in this way. Now you can spot bond tiles in many situation that were not possible before and is also suitable for substrates that require up to 20mm correction! Originally designed to replace mechanical fixing, it can also be used to overcome those nuisance out of plane substrates." Click here to continue reading the published article.

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