Tuesday, 22 March 2016

SPARTACOTE® Parking Structure Renovation

SPARTACOTE Quartz Concrete Coatings gray base coat
Finished interior parking structure with striping

Concrete Coating Made Easy!

A parking structure in Guadalara, Mexico, was in need of a restoration. The parking area, owned by Dalton Corporation, is part of a garage deck adjacent to a mixed-use apartment complex/office complex in which the company has its headquarters, as well as high end residential real estate. The project was approximately 6000m2 and the chosen concrete coating system was SPARTACOTE® Flex with SPARTACOTE Quartz

The first coat applied was a grey base coat with quartz additive, then 2 more coats of grey. The crew also had to paint over the cove base and up approximately 10cm of the walls, traffic arrows, and handicap spaces. In addition, they had to coat highly corrugated concrete on ramps.

This was a very difficult installation. The concrete was in poor condition and needed much surface preparation (i.e. not level and many cracks) and the contractor was only allowed to work during the day.

Although the conditions proved to be difficult, the first-time SPARTACOTE installers, Grupo Delcosa, completed the project, resulting in a great looking concrete floor.

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