Thursday, 3 May 2018

Ceramic Tiles in Pools

When planning to install ceramic tiles in pools there are some major considerations to take in to account when planning the installation.

Design Considerations
  • Primary types of swimming pool structures - cast-in-place reinforced concrete, Gunite or Shot-Crete Reinforced Concrete
  • Movement/expansion joints - movement and expansion joints allow for shrinkage, expansion and movement in the substrate. 
  • Deflection - the project design should include the intended use and necessary allowances for the expected loads, including the weight of the finish and installation materials.

Installation Procedures
  • Surface preparation - substrates should be smooth, free of defects, and level for bonding of waterproofing membrane and ceramic tile. 
  • Waterproofing - installation of HYDRO BAN® in submerged applications must be installed without voids/interruptions. 
  • Selection and installation of ceramic tile - use of paper face mounted tiles is recommended and use only impervious or vitreous tiles.
  • Grouting of ceramic tile - SPECTRALOCK® PRO Premium Grout and LATAPOXY® SP100 Epoxy Grout use unique technology and are not subject to effects of water treatment. PERMACOLOR® Grout provides a durable grout that is ideal for submerged installations.

  • Opening, seasonal closing and pool idling for maintenance and repairs - observe an average minimum cure time for cementitious or epoxy grout installations to reach maximum chemical resistance prior to filling pool. Fill pool with water at a rate of 610 mm per 24 hours to allow gradual exposure to water pressure, thermal and moisture differentials.
  • Effects of water treatment in tiled swimming pools - The balance of the pool water is primarily responsible for problems with maintenance of tiled swimming pools. Acidity, alkalinity and the amounts of mineral salts (water hardness) in swimming pool water must be kept in balance to prevent, among other things, contamination and deterioration of Portland cement plasters, mortars and grouts.

For more information on installing ceramic tiles in pools see Technical Data Sheet TDS1006.

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