Wednesday, 26 July 2017

BROTIS Warehouse Project Spotlight

Studio Keramike BROTIS, a LATICRETE stockist in Bosnia and Herzegovina, discovered that their new 5,900 kg high rack stacker (forklift) machine could not move easily and effectively because of an improperly poured, uneven floor. With the machine’s high sensitive to balance, BROTIS needed to achieve a flatness level under 5mm per 1m to be able to pick all necessary items up and operate at full capacity.

“With such a large area of cracked, uneven floors to repair in a short period of time, we chose to use the DRYTEK™ self-leveling system with a SPARTACOTE™ GUARD™ system for the finish because of its speed of install and durability,” said Bozo Pavlovic, Area Manager and Technical Advisor from Plavi Servis, the SPARTACOTE flooring contractor chosen for the project.

Thanks to the solutions provided by LATICRETE products, the team were able to repair, level and coat the cracked and uneven floors to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional floor. The BROTIS warehouse now meets a floor flatness tolerance of 3mm per 3m or better, enabling the electronically guided high rack stacker machine to function at its full capability. Read the full Project Spotlight here. 

For more information on SPARTACOTE flooring systems click here.

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