Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Jimmy Reed Chats with Tributary Revelation!

Project by Jimmy Reed, Rock Solid Tile

High-end pool installer, Jimmy Reed of Rock Solid Tile, Inc., talks about his waterproofing method, products, and his top 3 MUST Dos to solutions and success on page 17 in an article featured in Tributary Revelation.

An extract from the article:
“There are many discussions on the perils of waterproofing gone wrong, the complications the process can lead to and the liabilities that can spell disaster. I have devised my own personal process that I have tested in the field for many years. I stand by my method of solidity, and will be sharing my exact steps with you.
Here is a quick overview on MY go-to process. If you have questions, contact LATICRETE Team - as they are always available to help! I always start with a clean shell of new concrete - this is an important beginning step, as tile pools can be very tedious and require a solid waterproofing product over the concrete shell."  Check out the full article here.  

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