Monday, 23 January 2017

Training: Where, What and Why ?

Knowledge Is The Key To Success!

A recent article published by Pool + Spa discusses the importance of training, and the importance of delivering training that suits all learning styles; LATICRETE Australia Technical Services Manager shares his experiences with training both in-class and hands-on:
“From my own personal experience, I think contextual training is the best. So if someone’s got a problem or needs to know something because they’re going to use a product right then and there, training somebody right then and there is the best way, so to put people in a class — which we do quite often — is good, but I think people learn better when it’s in context with something that they’re directly involved with right at that very moment.
We try to train a very broad range of people, from the contractor at the coalface to the administrator in the office, to the person controlling the marketing in an office. So we have different approaches that are effective for different people in different areas that we attack."
Read the full story here.

LATICRETE is committed to educating and providing technical support. We provide customised in-store training and demos. Chat with us to arrange a trade event or to keep up to date with  trade events and demos happening around your area, check out our Events  page by following us Facebook.

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