Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Fred Gray Article: Moisture, Concrete and Tiling Installations

Image above depicts a wet substrate that never allowed the membrane to cure which resulted in a damaged,
 delaminated membrane.

In a technical article featured in Tile Today #91, Fred Gray, LATICRETE Australia Technical Service Manager, provides an informative discussion about how to effectively manage moisture issues.

"After many years of trouble shooting membrane installations I have learned many lessons when it comes to moisture in concrete substrates and its effects on these applications, including any subsequent finishes. Information on how to identify and mitigate some of the moisture problems is based around the following information from our technical data sheets and many global and local standards. 

Materials used in tile and stone installation applications can be affected by moisture during the installation and curing phases. Some materials, such as waterproofing membranes, may not cure properly or may delaminate from a continually wet substrate, or a substrate with a high Moisture Vapour Emission Rate (MVER). 

The main image (above) depicts a wet substrate that never allowed the membrane to cure which resulted in a damaged, delaminated membrane. A substrate which is damp or has a high MVER may also contribute to the formation of efflorescence. Concrete, masonry and associated levelling beds with a high MVER may also have an impact on a tile or stone installation." Click here to continue reading. 

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