Friday, 22 December 2017

Industry Profile: Don Macdonald - "The Artists"

Edna Embrym - "Coral Reef"

Edna Embrym - "Meeting Place"

Philomena Yeatman - "Beetle Species"

Previously we shared how Don Macdonald and The Orchid Group^ team prepared the walls for The Shields Street Heart Mosaic project. The Shields Street Mosaic Project featured imagery from three local Indigenous artists, and this week we find out about them and their inspirations.

Edna Embrym
Walls 1 & 3 - ‘The Reef’
A thousand words in an image – a hundred tales, intrigues and whispers about a reef that is ever moving, shaping, developing, changing and encompassing. These are the thematic bases that Edna Ambrym drew upon to form her visionary drafts of walls 1 and 3 in the Shield Street project.
Wall 2 - ‘Meeting Place’
To have the energy, optimism, familiarity and homeliness of this space celebrated by the Shield Street wall called ‘Meeting Place’ is not only apt and appropriate, but strengthening in the bonds of community and togetherness.

Philomena Yeatman
Walls 4 & 5 – ‘Bidi Bidi’
“In November and December the festive seasons arrives, as do the different colour Bidi-Bidi species.” Philomena Yeatman. Shimmering blues, greens, greys and burnt orange are but a few of the shades and hues that emanate from the bidi bidi (beetles) that arrive around year’s end in Cairns.
Wall 6 – ‘Mind Games’
“Some people are successful while others get left behind.  The colours in this painting represent the different ways of thinking.” Philomena Yeatman. This wall portrays the intricacies, complexities and convolutions that can occur within the fabric of thought, attitude and mind-set of individuals.

Valmai Pollard
Wall 7 – ‘Wild Flowers’
The ways in which Valmai has depicted the changes and formations of the wild flowers in this 3 dimensional art work, cements for us the notion that hope always exists, renewal is always happening and new beginnings are there for the taking whenever we need them
Wall 8 – ‘Muddy Tracks’
Valmai Pollard’s vision and skills have transformed a forgotten concept into a mesmerising and stunning work that contributes significantly to the appreciation we feel for our own place – our own muddy tracks and paths.

Read the full story about the artists and their inspiration here.

Next time, "The Imagery".

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^The Orchid Group is also known as Symmetry Mosaics

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