Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Project Spotlight: Virgin Hotel

In 2010 Virgin Hotels launched its brand in the U.S and opened its first location in downtown Chicago. The original building was completely renovated into 250 rooms that occupy 4,181m2, as well as common areas that include event and meeting areas that occupy between 1,394-2,323m2. Bourbon Tile and Marble were contracted to install the tiles throughout the project.

Bourbon Tile and Marble faced multiple challenges throughout the project such as using tiles and stone that had not been used on previous projects therefore it was not known how well they would perform once installed. The installer also had to come up with a high quality installation process that did not void any warranties on the stone and tiles used in the project. Sound control was also a must due to the excessive street noise from the busy Chicago streets; the hotel needed effective sounds control that was compatible with the tile installation materials in all locations throughout the hotel. 

The solution was LATICRETE. By using a wide range of LATICRETE installation materials, Bourbon Tile and Marble were able to tackle the challenges that they faced throughout the project. 

“This was an exciting project because of the new materials that were involved and the historical significance of the building. We’ve had such great experiences with LATICRETE products so we had no doubt that the process would run smoothly and produce the results the customer wanted.” ~ Eddie Bourbon, Bourbon Tile and Marble.

The Virgin Hotel opened in early 2015 and received rave reviews, proving to be an excellent launch for the Virgin Hotel brand in the U.S. Click here to read the full Project Spotlight. 

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