Thursday, 20 December 2012

We Want YOU To...


Submit Photos of YOUR LATICRETE Tile and Stone Installations!

We are on the hunt for photos! But they can't just be any photos…

We want YOUR photos with our LATICRETE products and packaging in them with a brief note on:
  • Where the project is/was?
  • LATICRETE products used,
  • Quantities of LATICRETE product used,
  • Is a photo credit required to anyone in particular?

You may ask - Why should we send photos in?
Here is why you SHOULD: 

We are having a competition and you may WIN... And, we will Blog and publicise your project and photos on:
  • our Blog,
  • Facebook,
  • Twitter,
  • Pinterest.

      You'll receive publicity for your work and your company!

PLUS you never know, your work might get published in some fancy tile, stone or construction publication, with your permission that is!

So there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't and many reasons why you should! Plus you will be getting FREE publicity!

When do we require the photos by?

We need your photo submissions in to us by the 15th January 2013. This gives you enough time to think, plan and take or gather photos of your incredible tile and stone installations past & present. And, this will provide us sufficent time to review your photo submissions and make a decision.

We will publish the winner(s) on our Blog, Facebook, Twitter plus Pinterest.

The more photos you send through - the better your chances.

So don't delay, send your photos to:

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