Friday, 25 July 2014

The Morepork Owl

Vicky Fletcher's "Morepork" Owl

Wouldn't you agree, His Eyes Seem So Real?!

Vicky Fletcher is a stained glass artist,  who lives 3 kms from the Southern Alps in the South Island of New Zealand.

Vicky used PERMACOLOR Grout and Glass Tile Adhesive (GTA) on the above mural and was very impressed with both. Vicky was especially impressed with the GTA "as a good adhesive was required to create an evenly white surface between the glass and substrate so to not detract from the clarity of the glass." Vicky said "GTA did this perfectly and I was really pleased with the final result."

Vickys' statement: "Size 15 x 23 cm - 6 x 9" Stained, painted and fused glass. This wee native owl is much loved in NZ, his call is the essence of the NZ bush at night. I was inspired to make a mosaic of this lovely raptor by a photograph from Rob Suisted who kindly gave me permission to use it - his website is well worth a look :- 
The eyes and the native Red Beech stump are painted and fused as is the foliage of the ferns and Five Finger tree. The Southern Cross sits above the Morepork's left shoulder, that and the flora place my Owl firmly in Westland, NZ. The frame is made from 120 yr old native Rimu which is a Southern Conifer/Podocarp. I've long loved Moreporks, sometimes I go outside last thing at night to listen for them - on one memorable night last summer I counted 7 calling back and forth across the face of the mountains, such a magical evening.

I bought my Laticrete products from Kent Sanderson of Global Tile in Auckland, Kent was wonderful in giving advice and his input was much appreciated by me.  

Several American mosaic artists and a good friend in Coffs Harbour, Australia sang the praises of Laticrete to me plus I watched several YouTube clips on same ... also many members in the Contemporary Mosaic Artists website highly recommend your products so word is spreading, not just in the building sector, artists have cottoned onto what great products you have."

Vicky's Morepork has been entered into the LATICRETE Mosaic Art Instagram Competition. 

Click here to view our competition & get your entry in! Competition closes 29 August 2014!

Vicky Fletcher

Global Tile
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