Friday, 9 December 2016

STONETECH® Stone & Tile Cleaner

Tile, stone and masonry surfaces are under daily assault from regular household stains, however, treated properly, the investment in a natural stone counter top will last a lifetime.
STONETECH® stone, tile and masonry care products are innovative, easy-to-use solutions to protect and preserve stone against the damaging effects of everyday living. With a complete line of products to protect, clean and transform stone surfaces, STONETECH help ensure the beauty of natural stone and tile counter tops, floors, walls and other installations for generations to come.

STONETECH Stone & Tile Cleaner is a daily cleaner designed to clean every day messes on natural stone and tile. STONETECH Stone & Tile cleaner is suitable for a range of substrates including marble, granite, limestone, travertine, slate, sandstone, flagstone, concrete, and porcelain tile. 

Features & Benefits
  • Daily Cleaner
  • Gentle formula, neutral pH
  • Great for ceramic and porcelain tile as well as natural stone surfaces
  • Ready-to-use or Concentrate formulas

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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Project in Progress - Spring Hill Plunge Pool

Pools Built To Last!

Check out this plunge pool project in Spring Hill, QLD, currently being installed by Sam Gardener from Sam Gardener Tiling. The plunge pool will feature a green mosaic with a diesel effect and will also have 30mm thick marble bench seat and coping. A range of LATICRETE materials are being used for the installation of this project, including 3701 Mortar Admix.

3701 Mortar Admix is a specially designed latex admixture for use with thin-set adhesives, cement grouts, cement mortar beds and other cement mixes. Used in place of water, 3701 Mortar Admix improves the working and physical properties of any cement mix and provides an economical and easy way to make permanent, trouble-free installations of ceramic tile, brick and natural stone.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Interior and exterior installations
  • Increased bond and compressive strength
  • Water resistant; suitable for submerged applications
  • Superior flexibility
Keep your eyes peeled for more pics to come of this plunge pool!

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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Nine West Gets New Flooring

LATICRETE SPARTACOTE® was recently selected as the preferred flooring solution for a Nine West shoe store located in New York City's Rockefeller Centre - one of the most heavily trafficked retail centres in North America.

The owners of Nine West, a global retail chain that sells a selection of shoes and accessories, were having issues with the existing flooring system which was experiencing severe fading, cracking and excessive wear. With the retail store being so active, the project had multiple challenges which included:
  • 24 hour start to finish project time frame required a fast-drying floor coating
  • Significant abrasion resistance and compressive strength
  • Minimal Maintenance
The design and architectural teams were looking for a flooring system that could meet all of the above requirements while providing an aesthetically pleasing finish - the solution: LATICRETE SPARTACOTE Blended Quartz flooring system. The seamless floor provided a durable and consistent finish that spanned the entire field and enhanced the overall ambiance of the environment. Read the full Project Spotlight here. 

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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Hints & Tips

Photo Credit: The Orchid Group

LATICRETE Tips for Tiling and Grouting in Hot Weather

Temperatures are rising in Australia and its only going to get worse this summer. 
We have provided some helpful hints and tips for tiling and grouting in hot weather to ensure the best installation of your projects over the hotter months.

There is a simple rule to follow when an installation is subjected to high temperatures: 
The 10ºC Rule – for every 10ºC above 21ºC, Portland cement and epoxy based materials take half as long to cure.

General tips for working in hot temperatures:
1. For best results, always ship and store installation materials at 5ºC – 32ºC to extend the shelf life and working time. Do not store products in direct sunlight. If installation materials are too warm, they should be cooled to the specified temperature range for that specific product. 
2. Dampen or wet down substrate surfaces to not only clean the area, but to lower the temperature and lower the absorption rate of the substrate. Sweep off excess water just before mortar is applied. This step will extend the working time of the installation materials. 
3. Stir latex additives thoroughly before mixing with thin-sets, grouts, plasters, stuccos and other Portland cement mortars. 
4. Due to the rapid rate of moisture loss and Portland cement dehydration at temperatures >32ºC, cover installations with polyethylene sheeting for 1-2 days to allow curing at a more normal rate. 
5. Low humidity also accelerates the curing process. 
6. Tent off or provide shade when working in direct sunlight.
7. Work during cooler periods of the day (e.g. early morning). 

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Monday, 5 December 2016

Southern Bricks & Pavers Join the LatiFamily

We are excited to extend a warm welcome to Jono and Kirrily from Southern Bricks and Pavers in NSW. Southern Bricks and Pavers have joined the LatiFamily as a preferred stockist of LATICRETE tile and stone installation materials. 

Drop in to see the friendly team and stock up with all your LATICRETE products! 

Address: 223 Princes Hwy, Ulladulla NSW 2539
Phone: 02 4454 3382
For more information about using LATICRETE in your projects, product demos, samples or technical support please contact LATICRETE on 1800 331 012, email or visit

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Friday, 2 December 2016

What a Pool Reno!

Wow, What a Pool!

Check out this stunning pool reno by the team at Adept Pools in NSW. This pool was installed using a range of LATICRETE products including:
  • 3701 Fortified Mortar Bed - A polymer fortified blend of carefully selected polymers, Portland cement and graded aggregates. 3701 Fortified Mortar Bed does not require the use of latex admix, you only need to add water to produce thick bed mortar with exceptional strength. 
  • HYDRO BAN® -  A thin, load bearing waterproofing/crack isolation membrane that DOES NOT require the use of fabric in the field, coves or corners.
  • 335 Premium Flexible Adhesive  - A high performance thin-bed adhesive for installing a wide range of tiles and stone including low absorption ceramic tile, porcelain tile, natural and manufactured stone using thin-set method of installation. 
  • SPECTRALOCK® PRO Grout - a patented, high performance epoxy grout that offers colour uniformity, durability and stain resistance with extraordinary ease of use.

The LATICRETE Pool, Spa and Fountain Tiling System is composed of time and job proven LATICRETE tile installation products which have been successfully installed around the world for over 60 years. It provides single source responsibility for these demanding, high performance applications. The systems is resistant to chemicals, shock treatment, pH imbalance of water and has the flexibility and high strength to addommodate deffierntial movement caused by moisture expansion and drying shrinking. Click here to view/download the Pool, Spa and Fountain Tiling Systems Brochure.

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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Join LATICRETE at Tuggerah Tiles

BBQ & Info Trade Day

LATICRETE will be at Tuggerah Tiles, NSW, on Tuesday 13th December for an Information and BBQ trade day.

Chat with Craig Hunter, LATICRETE NSW Technical Sales Rep, about your projects and learn how LATICRETE products are designed to save you time and money when time is critical - reducing job site problems - earning more $$$ through increased productivity. There will be giveaways and a FREE BBQ, so come and join in on the fun! 

Event Details

Where: Shop 3, 9 Bryant Drive, Tuggerah, NSW 2251 

When: Tuesday 13th December
Time: 4pm-7pm
RSVP: Allan or Erin
Tel: (02) 4335 1388

We hope to see you there!