Thursday, 3 July 2014


Messages from apprentices in Boston, USA

Appreciation Messages from 15 Men and Women

"We were doing a training seminar today in the conference room at the union hall in downtown Boston.

As I walked out to the 'work/training area' I came upon this stall. Totally unprovoked and they didn't even bring me to that area to show me. (Zoom in and see what it says)

To be clear, and some facts -  this is the local 3 union apprentice training school in Boston MA
This year, 15 men and women were trained for five weeks with little or no pay to ultimately join the tile and brick layers union.
Laticrete has partnered with the union to provide all the installation materials & tools necessary for this training. We have consistently done this for over 10 years!"

Peter McKeon
Laticrete Regional Sales Manager CT-N

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