Thursday, 7 September 2017


Scraping off the excess flakes

All loose flakes removed

Applying the top coat
Recently we featured the first steps in the application process of LATICRETE SPARTACOTE™ BLENDED CHIP system. This week the above images show the final steps in the process:

Once the flakes have dried in to the base coat, the next step is the remove all the excess flake. This is done by scraping in different directions so all loose flakes are removed. After the flakes have been removed, the top coat can be applied. SPARTACOTE FLEX PURE™ is applied as the top coat in the same fashion as the base coat - distributing evenly by pouring 'ribbons' and then rolling out over the substrate. SPARTACOTE GRIP™ traction additive can also be added in to the top coat to increase the traction on the final product. 

SPARTACOTE BLENDED CHIP provides a capable, seamless flooring finish suitable for numerous commercial and residential applications, it is also available in a wide assortment of blends and finishes to suit your designer needs. With a contoured finish to allow for optimal traction, this minimal maintenance coating system offers 1-day installation and next day return to service.

Key Features:
  • Wide assortment of blends and finishes
  • May be used as a floor & wall coating
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Contoured finish allows for optimal traction
  • 1-day installation with next-day return to service

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