Thursday, 16 March 2017

Trowels and the outcome of your project

In a technical article featured in Tile Today #92, Fred Gray, LATICRETE Australia Technical Service Manager, provides an informative discussion on the importance of trowel selection and the direct influence it has on the outcome of the tile project.

"For some time now, the tile industry has seen a shift in the size of tile that is used to clad a wall or floor. Historically, a tile was labelled as large format if it was larger 200mm x 200mm and improvements in manufacturing technology have made it possible to make a tile that is larger than 1m x 1m (not taking into account the thin pocelain veneer panel) that can weigh as much as 45kg.

In comparison, it would be difficult to consider a 200mm x 200mm tile as being large, but proper installation methods and materials can help to ensure that any size ceramic or stone tile, masonry veneer, or thin brick is installed in such a way as to meet the project and industry requirements for adhesive coverage, distribution and thickness.

While an increasing demand for greater surface tolerances is critical to the success of the application, having suitable adhesive coverage, distribution and depth under the tile is as critical to the finished installation, as the flatness and structural integrity of the substrate." Click here to continue reading.

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