Tuesday, 15 November 2016

STONETECH® Sealers Get Thumbs Up

Interesting Read on the STONETECH® Range

Read what Sareen Stone has to say in their blog about LATICRETE STONETECH® Water-based Sealers:

"STONETECH Water-based Sealers are relied upon to deliver, while ensuring they offer all the benefits of an environmentally friendly product – low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), minimal fumes & less odours. All the products in the range will preserve the natural look of stone, resulting in a natural finish.

Excellent Performance
Sometimes the expectation is that if a product is environmentally friendly it doesn’t always deliver the results. STONETECH water-based sealers are environmentally friendly and offer excellent performance – performing equal to and in some circumstances better than solvent based sealers.

Easy to Use
STONETECH water-based sealers are professional grade sealers. With this in mind, STONETECH water-based sealers have be reformulated to assist in easy application and clean-up is quick requiring the use of only water! Unbelievably they can be applied to wet stone which means less time on the job waiting for stone to dry."

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