Monday, 19 September 2016

Harbour Drive Streetscape Upgrade

The Harbour Drive Streetscape project is currently underway and consists of granite cobblestone being installed over 400m2. 

Joe Tabone, LATICRETE NSW Technical Sales Rep, provided an update of the installation,
"We decided to high pressure clean and mechanically broom to give a great clean solid surface to adhere to. Screed coverage on average is: 1 x 20kg 226 mixed with 1.7ltrs of 3701 covers 1m2 at 10mm thick. We went with a 335 slurry bond coat of :1 x 20kg to 5.5ltrs of clean water - this is broomed on leaving an even 2-3mm coating over the surface. Followed by mixing 3 x 20kg bags of 226 mixed with 5ltrs of 3701 giving us the perfect mix which it's currently 19* - 20* temperature. Everyone from EPA officer, Work Cover Officer, Council Supervisor and workers are all happy with the LATICRETE support." 

A range of LATICRETE materials have been used throughout the installation including:
  • 226 Thick Bed Mortar is a factory prepared blend of carefully selected raw materials, Portland cement and graded aggregates. 226 Thick Bed Mortar was designed for use with 3701 Mortar Admix to produce a latex Portland cement mortar that has exceptional strength. 
  • 3701 Mortar Admix - Used in place of water, improves the working and physical properties of any cement mix and provides an economical and easy way to make permanent, trouble-free installations of ceramic tile, brick and natural stone.
  • 335 Premium Flexible Adhesive is a high performance thin-bed adhesive for installing a wide range of tiles and stone including low absorption ceramic tile, porcelain tile, natural and manufactured stone using thin-set method of installation. Exceeds the requirements of AS4992.1 and AS4992.2 classification C2TES1.
  • PERMACOLOR® Grout offers the maximum performance available in a cement-based grout, providing consistent colour and antimicrobial protection to resist stain-causing mould and mildew. PERMACOLOR Grout is easy to install – just mix with water. 
Click here to view/download the Tile, Brick & Stone Streetscape Brochure.

Projects utilising LATICRETE materials and methods qualify for a comprehensive LATICRETE System Warranty  

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