Thursday, 22 March 2012

Tile & Stone on Yachts

Big Fish, a super yacht, incorporates granite decking. Stone Decking Systems introduced the world's first epoxy impregnated granite decking. The yacht, at 45m, was custom built in 2010 by McMullen & Wing. It is extremely green with its low fuel burn and low energy consumption. It was built with LED lighting and solar panels. It is all-over, incredible. And did we mention its stone deck areas!

Stone installed in exterior deck areas on yacht. Normal stone adhesive wouldn't hold up in this type of application so LATICRETE was selected.

LATICRETE materials are often used to install tile and stone in interesting, critical or unique areas. Areas such as the exterior deck areas on yachts.
We have experience, expertise and materials for installing tile and stone in marine environments. Tile on steel, tile on aluminum, tile on boats, tile on yachts, tile in the living quarters, tile in food service areas on oil well platforms and more.

A copy of the LATICRETE Marine Applications Brochure


  1. incredible. And did we mention its stone deck areas!

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